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Why does biotin boost hair growth?

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In the quest for long, thick, healthy hair, many people have turned to all sorts of supplements for hair growth, hair growth shampoos, and other products that promise a beautiful mane. While many of these options aren’t likely to be effective, one nutrient that has earned its long-standing respect is biotin. You’ve probably heard about taking biotin for hair growth, and that there are many biotin benefits, but perhaps you still haven’t taken the leap to trying it for yourself!

Biotin is a member of the B vitamin family (vitamin B7), although it’s sometimes called “vitamin H” for its astounding benefits for hair health. Your cells need all the B vitamins, including biotin, to convert certain nutrients into energy, and biotin has a special affinity for hair, skin, and nails. It’s the ultimate beauty supplement for good reason.

Deficiency symptoms

Biotin deficiency is relatively rare, but slightly more common for those who eat vegan and/or low-fat diets, those who drink heavily, those who struggle with gut absorption like those with Crohn’s or IBS, and sometimes pregnant women. Deficiency can come with several symptoms, such as:

  • Alopecia and hair loss
  • Dermatitis and skin rashes
  • Hearing and vision problems
  • Muscle weakness or tremors
  • Mild depression

Many people who supplement with high potency biotin aren’t necessarily trying to correct a deficiency, but to boost their hair growth, nail strength, and skin health. Biotin is a nutrient with wide-reaching benefits, and very few risks, so consumers are looking for the best biotin supplements to take, that have clean ingredients. Because biotin supplementation is becoming more popular, it’s important to do your research on companies that you can trust, and not just buy any old bottle of biotin at the store.

Why you should take it daily

Like most vitamins, biotin is best when taken every single day. This is especially true if you want to support your body’s natural hair growth cycle, since this is a continual process that requires the right vitamins and nutrients! For those struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, biotin can be a great supplement to take, and a wonderful complement to other daily habits for hair growth.

Because biotin is a B-vitamin (technically, B-7) and is water-soluble, that means that your body needs a continual supply. It is not stored in your fat cells, and any excess biotin is passed out through your urine. This is one of the reasons why it makes the perfect daily supplement.

Not only does biotin support healthy hair, skin, and nails, but it also is showing benefits for the liver, eye health, and the nervous system. Research is just now starting to take a real interest in biotin, but the initial results are promising. Biotin is an essential nutrient for many systems of the body, and is an easy supplement to incorporate into your natural hair growth routine.

When you take biotin every day, you can enjoy benefits like:

1. Thicker hair

Biotin seems to improve the density of the hair follicles, and make the hair feel fuller and thicker. For anyone who has thin, limp, or fine hair, biotin can boost the volume and thickness of the hair. Thicker hair can hold styling for longer, and make you look younger too. Double these benefits by taking a supplement, and also using a biotin scalp serum!

2. Faster hair growth

 Your body needs a certain amount of biotin to make new hair, and by supplementing with this vitamin, you can speed up the hair growth cycle. Many people that supplement with biotin over the long term notice that their scalp seems fuller, they sprout new hair faster, and they need haircuts more often because it’s growing so quickly.

3. Stronger nails

Hair is part of the “integumentary system,” the largest organ of the body which includes the hair, skin, nails, and everything on the outermost layer of the body. So, when we supplement with biotin for hair health, we also affect our skin and nails too. If you’ve struggled with weak or brittle nails, biotin can improve their thickness and strength over time.

4. Less skin irritation

If your skin tends to be dry, itchy, red, or easily irritated, biotin can help soothe and strengthen it. Biotin supplements can improve the texture and appearance of skin. Your skin is just a reflection of your inner landscape, and deficiencies in certain nutrients like biotin can show up as scaly, flaking, or otherwise sensitive skin.

5. Better tissue growth

B vitamins are essential for cell turnover and overall growth in many areas of the body. Daily biotin supplementation can not only help with nail and hair growth, but also growth of muscle, eye, and brain cells.

 6. Optimal fetal development

For those who are pregnant, taking the right amounts and ratios of vitamins like biotin is critical for building a healthy baby. Taking biotin can help support a healthy pregnancy and give enough nutrients to build strong muscles, bones, skin, teeth, nails, and hair for the fetus.

7. Nervous system support

 Your brain and nerves require a great deal of energy, and B vitamins help your body create that energy from the food that you eat. Biotin supplementation can support healthy neurotransmitter function and assist with nerve signaling, for a boost in concentration and memory.

In order to reap these biotin benefits, it’s important to find only the best biotin supplements available. Look for something that is non-GMO and made with natural, gluten-free ingredients, from a brand that you trust. It’s also nice to find a supplement that also contains supportive ingredients like collagen, horsetail extract, selenium, and choline, since these work together to create nutrient synergy for an even more effective product.

Amplixin Advanced Biotin+ contains an optimal dose of biotin- a higher level of biotin than you’ll find in most supplements on the market today- along with synergistic ingredients to promote optimal hair growth, thickness, and shine.

 When taking high-strength biotin, it’s important to be consistent! Most people notice positive changes after a few months of continued use. But the results are well worth the wait.


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