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What am I doing wrong to my hair?

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Regardless of the length, color, texture or type of hair you got, you likely need to know precisely how you can keep it healthy and shiny. The problem is that most of us presumably commit quite a few mistakes with our locks each day without acknowledging it, leaving them vulnerable to genuine harm and breakage. Here are some common mistakes we make as a part of our hair care routine and the solution to them


Many top beauticians claim that during our typical day, our locks get affected by exposure to dust and sweat, so cleaning it daily is a necessity. On the contrary, your daily shampooing routine could be doing significant harm to your hair subsequently as washing hair each day removes its natural oils. In any case, each individual's hair is unique, so you should settle on a regimen that is perfect for you relying upon your hair type, and profession.


Moving around with wet hair hung around your neck can be awkward. However, most of us don't realize wrapping those wet strands in a towel after you wash can be extremely harsh on the hair. It leads to the weakening of the roots and damages them. Leave alone the huge amounts of frizz it can lead to.


The blow dry treatment is a necessary evil in these times of hectic schedules. But subjecting your hair to the heat from styling instruments right after a shower is one of the primary reasons for damaged hair. My trick is to allow my hair to air-dry for at least 30 minutes before getting them anywhere close to the blower.


A lot of traditional chemical-based hair products lead you to expect great hair nourishment and protection from hair fall and dandruff. Truth be told, many of them contain bad chemicals and alcohols that leave your hair looking lusterless, damaged and brittle. That eventually leads to split ends and stunts hair growth. My solution to that is using products with natural ingredients. Brands such as AMP offer products consisting of super healthy natural ingredients like coconut oil and keratin which possess the distinctive ability to fortify your hair from the inside out.

The key to maintaining a healthy mop of hair remains a well-balanced diet and proper hair care. Nevertheless, if you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, your hair care routine will be more efficient resulting in beautiful and strong hair.

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