How to wash your hair using Amplixin products and grow strong hair

How to wash your hair using Amplixin products and grow strong hair

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Long and shiny hair has always been the number one on the beauty wish list of women. However, sometimes we tend to pick up certain bad habits that may hamper our hair growth. In our view, a successful hair care routine begins with choosing your hair products aptly and washing your hair the right way.

The genuine reason your hair looks spectacularly gorgeous after a salon visit is because they comprehend the importance of using top-notch products such as Amplixin and using them properly. Here are a few tips on washing your hair -

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While the idea of a hot shower seems exceedingly relaxing, delicate strands exposed to extreme heat are vulnerable to breakage. And in many cases, it gets worse if you use hair color. Even though there's no predefined perfect temperature, it is desirable to use lukewarm water instead of hot to wash hair. Natural hair care shampoo and conditioner from Amplixin works on strengthening hair by enabling it to retain moisture. So, to get strong hair, it is best to eventually rinse it with cold water to close the hair cuticle opened due to heat from warm water. 

The secret to healthy hair lies in a healthy scalp. So, using extremely gentle touches when washing at the root is of extreme significance. Avoid using your nails while massaging the scalp as you run the risk of damaging it. Keep the pressure to the minimum. It is normal to feel that your scalp is full of dirt, yet it's not as grimy as you might suspect.

One of the most common mistakes we make is applying shampoo directly to hair. Due to that, the shampoo tends to sit in a mass in one zone of your head. Amplixin products work best with even coverage. When you don't spread it equally through your hair, it reduces the effectiveness of the product. Besides, it also leads to wastage. The trick is to take a dime-sized drop of shampoo on your palm first and then gently massage it all over your head to lather.

Lastly, it is imperative to pick the right shampoo. It's tied in with identifying your hair type and selecting a product with a formula best suited to your hair. In case you have dry hair, use a shampoo that will help in hydration. Similarly, for hair prone to breakage, a protein-based cleanser works the best. Look at Amplixin's range of products to discover your sort.

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