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Summer fun? 5 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage caused by Swimming

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Summer fun is all good and well until your gorgeous blond hair turns a mermaid green - unplanned! Summer hair damage is also super frustrating! You reach the end of summer and find your gorgeous slocks becoming dry and frizzy and fraught with damage. Is chlorine and pool water-damage simply collateral damage we have to deal with? No. 

 It turns out there is a multitude of hacks to prevent your hair damage caused by swimming and exposure to the chlorine in swimming pools. 

Prevent hair damage: Shower BEFORE you swim

No, we haven’t gone mad. You should shower before you hit the pool for one important reason; the hair shaft is like a sponge. Each cuticle can absorb a limited amount of water. If you picture a sponge that is filled with water, you can see in your mind that any more water you pour over the sponge will not be absorbed, because it is already full. Your hair is the same. Fill your hair cuticles with fresh shower water and then hit the pool. 

No shower? No problem

Hair oil/oil-based hair treatments can serve a similar purpose, except that a hair oil won’t just saturate the hair and prevent it from absorbing more water. It will coat the hair, and since oil can’t be penetrated by water, your hair will be protected. Remember to keep your hair out of the sun, as the oil will insulate the heat around the hair shafts, cooking the hair. 

Prevent hair damage: Shower after your swim

Standing under a shower for a few minutes after a swim will rinse out a great deal of the chemicals, like chlorine, preventing them from building up in your hair. These residual chemicals, when left in the hair, don’t simply evaporate as your hair dries. They stay there, leeching moisture from the hair shaft and weakening the hair. Some chemicals may also cause the cuticles to open which make your hair appear dull and frizzy. Rinse after hair your swim, it is perfectly alright if you have no shampoo handy. A normal water rinse will suffice and keep your hair strong and shiny. 

A swimming cap 

Yes, it’s common sense. Yes, it feels like swimming back at school. It’s no one’s favorite haircare tip, but it is the most effective. Your hair will remain dry and completely undamaged because most swim caps are water-resistant. Alternatively, a beautiful hat with the hair tucked under will keep you looking stylish - but there’s no splashing allowed, or ducking under the water. 

Hair damage after summer? We got you! 

Summer happens, and so does hair damage. If you find yourself stressing about your hair and it preventing you from feeling carefree, remember there are ways to repair damaged hair. So go on, frolic in the ocean and dive into the pool. Products that are designed to hydrate the hair can be applied at the end of the day to eliminate the effects of saltwater, chlorine, and harsh UV rays.

Alongside that, hair serums are also designed to penetrate the hair beyond what your daily conditioner does. So, add a few products to your shopping cart and have a happy summer!

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