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Could tight hairstyles cause hair loss? Yes! 

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If you’re battling with weak hair that frequently breaks and seems to be falling out, this is for you! Traction alopecia is a real thing - traction refers to pulling and alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. Traction alopecia can happen to everyone but it particularly common among those with ethnic hair because they frequently wear tight braids, cornrows, and weaves. 

If you have traction alopecia, you might be worried about growing your hair back. Dermatologists say that traction alopecia is reversible, meaning the hair can grow back - but only if you catch it on time. If you notice the hair loss and continue to place tension on the hair from the follicles, the hair loss will eventually scar. Once you have scarring hair loss, the hair is unable to grow back. 

So, hopefully, if you have traction alopecia, you are in the early stages. Implement this protocol immediately to avoid any further damage to your precious hair follicles. 

Stop wearing tight hairstyles

Opt for wigs and wefts rather than weaves. Any hairstyle that places tension on the hair from the follicle will cause damage. Even tight ponytails worn daily are damaging to the hair. Avoid any har accessory that is sewn into the hair. The occasional tight hairstyle worn for only a few hours won’t harm the hair. 

Find a balance in your washing schedule

Washing your hair too frequently will lead to damage. Your hair needs a certain amount of oils from the scalp to protect it from drying out and keep it supple and soft. Also, avoid harsh shampoo and conditioning products. sulfate-containing shampoos will lift away more than just the dirt, removing essential oils too. Opt for gentle cleansing products that promote hydration and repair. Also, try an all-natural serum that encourages hair growth. Make sure it truly is all-natural ad chemical-free. 

Avoid chemicals and dyes

There are a few ranges of natural products on the market for color. Avoid products that contain bleach and harsh chemicals - that includes relaxers! These harsh compounds will further strip the hair, weakening it and making it prone to breakage at the first tug. 

Finding confidence and recovering from hair loss

Traction alopecia can be very frustrating to deal with. It is normal to feel your confidence plummet as your hair thins and falls out. Catching any form of hair loss is crucial - not only can dermatologists prevent it from spreading, but they can also help to encourage regrowth. If you catch traction alopecia early, it is reversible but it requires dedication to a lifestyle change.

Switch your hair care products to an all-natural range that will truly nourish the hair by moisturizing it. Use a shampoo that is geared towards scalp health, because this is where your hair follicles are located. 

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