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Picking The Perfect Hair Brush Or Comb: A Guide

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Sure, you can get the right hair cut and use all the right hair care products, but in order to maintain truly great hair at home, you'll need a helping hand.

For every great hair day, you’ll need at least one great hairbrush or comb in your arsenal. We’ve done the heavy hairstyling, so you don’t have to.

Here’s our list of the top combs & brushes, based on your specific hair care needs.

Teasing Brush

If you're looking to have a solid handle on styling specific sections of your hair, the little brush side of this tool will do the trick. The pointed side of the comb parts your hair with precision, making it multipurpose!

Detangling Hair Brush

This brush is designed to be used on either wet or dry hair without damaging your strands or follicles. It’s got ultra flexible bristles, making it ultra-effective at detangling locks without pulling!

Ceramic Round Brush

When it comes to blow drying hair straight (or styled), nothing beats a round ceramic brush. Period. 

Boar Bristle Palm Brush

For those wanting to get as close to your scalp as possible, a palm brush helps make that possible without causing any unnecessary scalp discomfort. It's also nondisruptive, making it great for short, curly hair. Bonus? Not having a handle helps you gain more control over your brush, which in turn helps prevent strand damage!

Paddle Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristles are used in multiple variations of brushes for a reason; they’re known for keeping your hair the softer, shinier, and healthier thanks to their ability to redistribute scalp oils from shaft to end. For hair that's long and coarse, it helps to go for something multifaceted to help every part of your hair.

Brush options that leverage a blend of both nylon and boar help keep strand styling under control, but won't promote damage any curls or weak ends. Just like a regular boar brush, daily use helps to build shinier, softer and healthier hair.

Extended Cork Round Brush

If you have short hair, or like blow drying only certain parts of your head, an extended handle is your saving grace. Cork handles like this one helps keep everything in control while also going easy on your grip.

Boar Round Brush

A medium-sized round brush can be used for any and all hair types and works especially well when paired with a blow dryer on medium heat. The heat can easily penetrate through fine, normal and thick hair - - - plus the benefits of boar bristles leave your locks a bit shinier than when you started.

The Brush Dryer

If you like using more than one tool at once, this brush is your ticket. Think volume, shine, and a more efficient way to dry your hair. How can you beat it?

Styling tools are designed with specific hair types in mind; so remember that not all combs are created equal! Whether you're looking to detangle, style, or improve your technique for a special occasion, our expert-approved options won't do you wrong.


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