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Does BIOTIN really work for your hair?

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Hair loss and the need to grow healthy hair has become a necessity because of the stressful environment we currently live in! Products such as Amplixin that amend hair loss issues have discovered that Biotin is the holy grail when combatting hair loss, and can improve hair quality starting from the roots. But before we go any further and praising the power of Biotin hair products, let’s take a closer look at what Biotin really is.

What Exactly Is Biotin?

You first need to understand what Biotin is and how it can affect your hair growth over time. In fact, hair loss can be attributed to several reasons, and it's not always the lack of Biotin in your body that triggers such events. However, active components found in Biotin – or saturated fatty foods such as salmon or eggs – help metabolize fat in your body and your hair roots. Biotin found in hair products act as minerals for your hair, and they offer that extra spur to maintain hair roots vitamins within them.

Does Biotin Really Work?

Remarks across all media outlets do show evidence that people with low Biotin concentration in their body can encounter deficiencies in growing hair or shedding a large amount of hair than usual; However, this is not always the case! That is why products such as Amplixin Intensive Biotin Serum which contains a higher dosage of Vitamin B7 or Biotin can help improve hair health. Not only people with low Biotin levels experience hair problems. Instead but Biotin in moderate quantities for anyone experiencing hair loss or shedding can show promising results.

How Will Biotin Help My Hair?

Biotin is fundamental for healthy hair. Biotin can be of immense benefit when it comes to making hair strong and preventing the follicles from getting weak. If you are considering taking hair supplements with Biotin, always take moderate amounts like with any market supplements. Biotin helps improve the keratin structure of the hair and furthermore, enables it to hold shine and thickness. Biotin counteracts skin cells from declining, in this way, keeps hair follicles set up. The outcome is voluminous, glossy, and thick hair. 

Are there any side-effects?

Biotin pills are completely risk-free when taken in the suggested measure of one dose for each day or as recommended by your general physician. There are, at present no symptoms of taking Biotin supplements in the prescribed amount. 

Don’t overdo it

An overdose of Biotin can prompt issues like skin rashes, stomach related disorders. ALWAYS TAKE ANY KIND OF SUPPLEMENTS IN MODERATION!

Medical Secret

Medical evidence shows that hair the causes of hair loss can be uncovered through a thorough medical exam. Your diet is not the only reason why you might lack Biotin in your body. During a medical inspection, your doctor will look into your exercise habits as well as your lifestyle as a whole. Our tip to stop shedding hair? Live a stress-free and healthy life!


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