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Do You Have Heat Damaged Hair? Here's How To Fix It

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Are you using heat tools to style your hair on a regular basis? If so, your hair is more susceptible to damage. Heat-damaged hair typically has split ends, stays rough and dry, easily breaks and difficult to brush or style. 

Fortunately, there are some easy tweaks you can make to your hair care routine, like changing up your shampoos and conditioners, and applying masks for intense hydration. Keep reading to learn how to turn your dry, damaged mane into healthy hair.

Best Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Heat can do significant damage to curly hair. Tangles, frizz and their unpredictable texture can impact how you look. The best thing you can do is seal the moisture back into your hair follicles. 

You need deep conditioning treatment that's rich in argan oil and shea butter. Do not shampoo your hair every day as that strips your hair's natural oil. This is even more important if you have color treated hair. Instead, wash it every couple of days and use high quality hair products to retain moisture. Our repairing shampoo and conditioner is perfect when your goal is hair repair.



Our Volumizing Shampoo

Caffeine, Red Clover and Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-3 are the three main ingredients in our volumizing shampoo. This combination can help you achieve denser-looking, thicker and beautiful hair. You can't go wrong when you use a shampoo containing high-quality ingredients and essential vitamins. With our volumizing shampoo, you can say goodbye to dull, dry hair.




Our Energizing Conditioner

To get the maximum benefits of our shampoo, it's important to pair it with a conditioner that can deeply penetrate and moisturize your scalp. Amplixin® Energizing Conditioner contains Argan Oil effective in improving the texture and feel of your hair. Use this with our volumizing shampoo to achieve the best results.



How to Restore Heat-Damaged Straight Hair

Heat can severely damage hair. Expect to get a lot of split ends and brittle hair. To fix this, you need to restore your hair's natural proteins. 

A moisturizing hair mask can help you improve the look of your heat-damaged straight hair. Consider Amplixin® Moisturizing Hair Masque that contains argan oil and coconut oil. This combination can help cleanse and nurture your scalp. As a result, you get unbelievably shiny hair. Our Moisturizing Hair Masque is ideal for all hair types included treated hair, and is one of the best hair masks for damaged hair. 



Do You Have Chemically Treated Hair?

Chemicals can do a lot of damage to your hair especially when you use bleach. Consider speaking to a professional to help you restore your hair's natural look. Deep conditioning and a hair mask can surely help too. Hot oil treatment and an intensive serum can also help improve your hair. Try our Amplixin® Intensive Biotin Serum, a leave-in hair product that contains a biotin-infused formula that can help restore shine and moisture in your hair. You get thicker and beautiful hair as a result. Our Intensive Biotin Serum ensures that you get gorgeous locks by stimulating your hair roots.

Combing Hair Before Shampooing

Do you know that your hair is fragile when it's wet? This is why it's recommended for women to comb their hair before washing them. When brushing, make sure that you keep it to a minimum. 

Should you comb hair when it's wet, only use a wide-tooth comb as they are gentler than brushes. Consider using a hair detangler too to avoid split ends. 

Use Heat Tools Moderately and Turn Down the Temp

Flat irons, curling wands and blow dryers can seriously damage your hair when not used in moderation. Should you decide to use these tools, make sure that you use the lowest temperature possible. Keep in mind that when your hair is exposed to more heat, it becomes even more damaged. Consider using these tools only when you really have to. Better yet, completely avoid using heat tools. Your hair will thank you for it.

Use a Shirt Over a Towel

After taking a shower, do not use the towel for rubbing your hair. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt as they are gentler on your hair strands. Keep in mind that gentler tools and hair products are good for your hair. 

Visit a Salon

If you have severely heat-damaged long hair, why not get to the salon and get a haircut? This is a good option when you do not like to experiment with different hair products. Just do make sure to always get the right hair products after getting a haircut to avoid damaging your hair. You can never go wrong with hair products made with high-quality and natural ingredients that promote hair health and growth. 

Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning your hair regularly can keep your hair hydrated. The ingredients in a deep conditioner contribute to having softer and a repaired heat-damaged hair. Also, deep conditioners are designed to improve your hair elasticity. Look for deep conditioners with argan oil, coconut oil and almond oil to ensure healthy and beautiful hair.

A few things you can do to prevent damage to your hair:

1. When using a blow dryer, keep it at least 5 inches away from your hair to prevent heat damage. Also, use a lower temperature, as much as possible. 

2. Either use a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel after washing your hair. Both are gentler and can even speed up drying process. 

3. Buy satin pillowcases as they are good for your hair. When styling, use heat tools only once a week. 

4. Avoid wearing ponytails, hair extensions or braids continuously. They cause tension and can damage hair eventually. 

Learn Why Amplixin is Best for Your Hair

Have you been experimenting with different hair products and are not successful with them? If your hair is still downright manageable, damaged, frizzy or full of split ends, try using Amplixin hair products. Our products contain triple action that will stimulate, revitalize and volumize your hair. Rest assured, all hair products are sulfate-free. Try Amplixin for 60 days or get your money back!

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