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DHT Blocking Shampoos: Everything You Need To Know

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Hair loss is an epidemic issue these days, and one that doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Too many people are left looking at clumps of hair in their shower drains, with few good options for treatment. Because hair loss can be a symptom of so many different diseases and conditions, it’s often hard to know where to begin, when looking for hair loss treatment. If you have noticed thinning hair, a change in your hair texture, or overall hair loss, you may want to consider a DHT blocking shampoo. If, every time you wash or brush your hair, you’re seeing more and more strands, it’s time to address your hair loss!

DHT blocking shampoos are becoming more popular these days, for an effective, at-home solution to stop hair loss and receding hairlines. But what is DHT anyway? And what is a DHT blocker?

What Is DHT?

DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgen hormone that is derived from testosterone. It is associated with the development of “male” characteristics, including male-pattern baldness. About 10% of testosterone in adults is converted to DHT, and when this circulates through the bloodstream, it can attach to the hair follicle, making it shrink. Over time, this leads to not just loss of hair in general, but also thinning and weakening of the hair. 

DHT also shortens the hair growth cycle, which typically lasts anywhere between 2-6 years. Fresh hair growth occurs at the follicle, then slows, and finally stops when the hair naturally falls out and is replaced by a new one. Too high of androgen hormones in the blood, including DHT, can stunt this innate growth cycle, making it harder to grow new hair in the future.

While baldness is something typically only talked about for men, people of all genders have DHT in some amounts, and can be affected by DHT-related hair loss. DHT blocking shampoos can counteract some of these effects, and are a great, low-cost way to slow or even reverse your hair loss.

Whether you’re already experiencing hair thinning and want to stimulate new hair growth, or want to prevent hair loss in the future, you deserve the best DHT blocker shampoo on the market. But what is a DHT blocker anyway? What kinds of ingredients should you look for in a DHT blocking shampoo?

DHT Blocking Shampoo 101

The first thing to do is make sure your shampoo is made with natural ingredients, and doesn't contain things like parabens or sulfates. These things are often added to beauty products, but actually weaken the hair over time, not to mention have other potential side effects for your endocrine and nervous systems! Thankfully, there are some options out there for natural, effective DHT blocker shampoos, that you can feel good about using. Brands like Amplixin are not only free from parabens and sulfates, but are also cruelty-free, safe for color-treated hair, and made in the USA.

When it comes to the best DHT-blocking ingredients, there are several that can work together, in a synergistic formula for optimal hair and scalp health. The ingredients listed below have been independently studied and tested, and contain super antioxidants, botanical extracts, natural oils, and other powerful compounds. Our favorite DHT-blocking active ingredients include:

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a small plant with red berries that has been used for hundreds of years by the Native Americans. It’s one of the top herbal supplements for men, because it is so effective at working on the testosterone hormone pathway in the body. New research is showing that saw palmetto may block the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. It is a key ingredient in DHT-blocking shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments for this reason.

Biomimetic peptides

Peptides are made up of amino acids, and act as messengers in our bodies, telling our cells what to do. Biomimetic peptides are created to mimic natural compounds, and are used to target a variety of processes in the body, including hair growth and renewal. These enhance the natural cellular processes that boost scalp health and hair turnover. 


Stimulants like caffeine are great for enhancing circulation to the scalp, while opening follicles and pores for detoxification. The best DHT blocking shampoos have caffeine, often derived from a natural source like coffee or green tea, to enhance the formula and drive the active compounds deeper into the hair and scalp.

Red Clover

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a gentle lymphatic mover and detoxifier that is especially fond of the hair, nails, and skin. There is some research to suggest that the active compounds in red clover bind to  5-alpha-reductase or DHT itself, and move them out of the circulation. It’s known for its ability to clean and clear toxins from the scalp, which enhance cell turnover and hair growth.

Jojoba oil

This oil comes from a shrub that is native to the American Southwest and cultivated throughout Northern Africa and South America. Jojoba oil is a soothing, softening oil that has shown some ability to inhibit the production of 5-alpha-reductase. It is high in many essential fatty acids which lower inflammation, heal the skin, and keep hair follicles soft and open.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is prized across the Mediterranean for its ability to boost blood flow, particularly into the head and scalp. It’s long been used as a memory and cognition aid, and is typically found in the best DHT blocking shampoos. Rosemary oil revitalizes the scalp and hair follicles, enhances circulation, and may even block DHT itself according to some studies.

For anyone struggling with hair loss or hair thinning, having to pull clumps of hair out of the drain or seeing how fast that hairbrush fills up can be discouraging. Because there are so many potential causes of hair loss, it’s always a good idea to work with your doctor or other healthcare provider, to get to the root of your issue. Proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep are also essential for healthy hair. And of course, finding the best DHT blocking shampoo can go a long way in slowing or reversing hair loss, like our Volumizing Shampoo. It may take a few months of continual use, before you see significant results, so don’t give up too soon! With consistency in your self-care routine, you can enjoy soft, thick, healthy hair for years to come.

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