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5 Brilliant Hacks for Longer and Thicker Hair

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Long and thick hair is a dream for everyone. You no need to take special treatments, just proper care, and lifestyle changes will do the magic. Read on to know more about the hair care tips for long and healthy hair.

Protect your hair

It is necessary to shield your hair from wind, sun, and rain because excess exposure to sun, dirt, heat or pollution will create more problems for your hair. These can prompt dirt build up, make your hair and scalp dry, and make your scalp prone to infections. To avoid all this, always cover your hair with a cap, umbrella, or a cloth.

Take proper care of your hair

Handle the wet hair carefully: Wet hair is exceptionally delicate and breaks easily. Whenever wet the roots and shaft of your hair are prone to damage. Try not to be too rough while shampooing, because breakage starts there. And furthermore, avoid shower right after your shower.

  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals: Overuse of synthetic hair substances and cruel cleaning operators, such as baking soda and shampoo with high Ph level interrupt the Ph balance of your scalp skin. Also, it is always better to stay away from thickening hair products that could leave residues and make your hair look dull.
  2. Use Conditioner: Use a good conditioner after each wash. Never leave a shower without conditioning your hair. Skipping this step will make your hair frizzy and prone to breakage. Using the conditioner will not suffice, only proper conditioning makes your hair soft and healthy. The purpose of the conditioners is to seal in the moisture in the hair shaft. Do not use the conditioner on the scalp, and they will make your scalp oily.
  3. Frequent trimming: It not only helps you get rid of split ends but helps in maintaining the wellbeing of your hair. Trimming the split ends will avoid the damage move up to the scalp.
  4. Abstain from frequent hair treatment and heat treatments. Heat treatment further strips the dampness from the hair making it frizzy and dry. Overuse of these products can likewise affect your hair growth in the long run. If you happened to use straighteners, curl, iron then make sure to use a good hair protectant before the hair styling or treatment.
  5. Keep away from Tight Hair Ties

Abstain from using tight hair ties. Instead, you can opt for loose ponytails. Make sure you do not use rubber hair bands.  Tight hair bands, in general, draw your hair back which builds friction and leads to breakage.

Lifestyle changes

Use loose hair bands:

Before going to bed remove all the styles and brush your hair and use a loose band to tie it. This helps in protecting your hair from breakage due to frizziness. Leaving your hair free is also not a good option as it will create more tangles, and you will need to brush your hair hard to remove the tangles.

Change to a Satin Pillow covers:

Sleeping on a cotton pillow will create more friction as their surface is quite rough and lead to hair breakage. Hence, use Satin or silk pillow covers as their surface are pretty soft.

Do not rub your hair

After the shower, pat your hair softly instead of rubbing as rubbing will increase the breakage. When compared to patting, rubbing helps in drying fast, but it also breaks your hair.

Oil the Scalp Frequently

Natural oils help to maintain a healthy scalp. Apply little oil on your scalp frequently or use an oil mask once in a week and use shampoo to wash your hair. Using conditioner after every shower helps in retaining your natural oils. Ensure to use the appropriate hair mask for your type of hair, and every hair needs different types f hair mask.

Healthy Diet

Your food habit plays a vital role in the well being of your hair. Your overall health is reflected through your hair. The better you take nutritious and healthy food the better your hair looks. If you wish to have, long and thick hairs make sure to eat nutritious food. Include more protein, Iron and vitamin-rich foods in your diet. 

Wrapping up

Everyone wishes for a thicker, healthier, and stronger hair. Many people are willing to do apply any product or eat any supplement that will help us achieve healthy and thick hair. Products like Amplixin Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Amplixin Hydrating Hair Masque can treat the cause of hair loss and address the issue like breakage, frizziness and Decreased hair growth.

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