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Why Amplixin?

Medical & hormonal hair loss
affects so many women.
We proudly present to you the solution to the problem.


Get To The Root Of The Issue.

To effectively halt the main cause of hair loss we must stop the problem in its tracks. The active ingredients found in Amplixin® Hair Support system work to block DHT by targeting the specific enzyme 5-alpha-reductase which derives from the male hormone testosterone.


Reinvigorate. Regenerate. Revive.

Proprietary AMPLIGRO™ COMPLEX contains 3 active ingredients that have shown in independent clinical studies to improve hair growth density by 13% while reducing the hair loss rate by as much as 29% with daily use.


Harmony Between Nature & Science

Clinically proven ingredients deriving from our beautiful earth provide nourishing effects to your hair follicles. Our products are guaranteed to be free of any sulfates or parabens, and we have a 100% cruelty free policy. Superb values and spectacular products, Amplixin gives you the support you need.


60 Day Money Back guarantee

Subscriptions and hidden monthly fees? Think again! After a one time payment you get to reap the full benefits of our products and regimens for a full 60 days! Not happy with the results? We promise you your money back. No questions asked.

Real Results from Real Customers

Maria, 48
results after 16 weeks
*Results will vary

My hair was falling like crazy, I was scared to comb, wash my hair. After using these products the first time I saw a big difference. I feel confident recommending these products to other people.

Jennifer, 37
results after 18 weeks
*Results will vary

After losing 100 pounds in 11 months, I was DESPERATE to find a product that would help my hair grow and thicken up again. I’ve been using this serum for almost a month and WOW!

John, 54
results after 12 weeks
*Results will vary

This hair system is great! It took some time to notice results but my hair feels and looks much thicker. Even my wife noticed who was worried about my aggressive hair loss.

Time To Take Control Of Your Hair Loss Today!


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