About Amplixin Hair Support System

Amplixin Is The Brainchild of Husband & Wife Duo Who Launched Their Own Solution To An Embarassing Problem — Progressive Hair Loss.

He Experienced Hair Loss from Genetics In His Family & She Had Just Given Birth To Their Daughter Which Ultimately Caused Severe Post-Partum Hair Loss

And no product they tried worked to help halt the shedding and hair clumps in the shower drain.

Val started losing hair in his mid 20’s due to genetic hair loss being prevalent on both sides of his family. To him going bald was just a matter of time since his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were bald by age 30.

Ashley gave birth to their daughter and shortly after started experiencing severe hair loss and scalp problems caused by the hormonal imbalance that so many women experience after such life changing events.

Both Ashley and Val have tried a wide range of hair products to help curb the hair loss progression but soon realized that their hair loss was caused by different factors and no matter what product they tried, it just did not work. Some had side effects, making their hair loss worse, some were simply a gimmick that had no scientific backing into its efficacy.

After nearly 4 years of suffering, and due to extreme amount of frustration they both experienced with other products, Val and Ashley decided to launch their own solution – Amplixin.

Amplixin is the result of over 2 years of research and development and each product regiment is tailored to your specific cause of hair loss. No two hair strands are the same, so why does the solution have to be the same for various types of hair loss?

Amplixin was created by those who know hair loss intimately and by those who suffered from it, which is why it will be up to you to discover which product regiment works for you.

Whether you’re suffering from hormonal imbalance, scalp related issues, over processed hair or poor genes – Amplixin is here to help!

Time To Take Control Of Your Hair

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