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The Best Haircare Routine For Men

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Whether it’s short or long, brown or blonde, curly or straight, you deserve to feel good about your hair. Haircare for men is a growing interest, with more guys seeing the benefits of investing in this aspect of self-care. No matter your gender, when you have beautiful, thick, healthy hair, you can’t help but feel good! So, if you want to boost your confidence in all areas of your life, it’s smart to find the best hair care routine for men.  

There are plenty of great hair care tips and tricks out there, along with wonderful hair products, that are targeted to address your specific hair needs. One of the biggest complaints is male patterned baldness, or male hair loss. Nearly 80% of men (and 50% of women) experience significant hair loss over their lifetime, and many of us have simply accepted this as an inevitable part of aging. But there are things that you can do to reverse male baldness, regrow your hair, or prevent further hair loss!

Because everything is more effective when put into practice consistently, when you want thick healthy hair, it’s essential to get into a few good habits. Daily, weekly, and seasonal routines can keep you on track for the best hair of your life! If you’re not in any particular routine when it comes to your hair, now’s the time to begin. With some patience and dedication, you’ll start reaping the rewards.

Regular, natural haircare can give you some impressive benefits, including:

  • Slowing or even reversing hair loss
  • Healthy, balanced scalp
  • Shinier, thicker hair
  • Ease of styling
  • Faster hair growth
  • Stronger hair shafts
  • Fuller, more lustrous hair

If you’re ready to start taking good care of your hair and scalp, and are ready to make some healthy habits that will serve you for years to come, check out our recommended haircare routine for men. 


What you do on a daily basis will have the biggest impact on your hair over time. It’s often easiest for people to implement everyday habits, and you can fold these into your routine, hassle-free.

1. Wash scalp with the right shampoo 

Washing your hair can keep your hair follicles clean and open, and support natural hair growth. If you suffer from male hair loss, using a DHT-blocking shampoo or other hair growth shampoo daily is a great way to start seeing benefits. There’s no need for heavy scrubbing or lathering all of your hair every single day (this may dry out your hair), but a good scalp clean is smart. And don't forget to gently towel dry, instead of heat drying, whenever you can.

 2. Use biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a powerful supplement for hair growth and hair strength. If you take it or use it daily, you may start to see positive shifts your hair texture and length. You can take biotin in an ingestible supplement form, or as an intensive hair serum, applied to the scalp.

 3. Eat and drink clean

Yes, what you put into your stomach has a huge effect on your hair! We all know to eat healthy, unprocessed foods, and to stay hydrated, but this is extra important when you want to regrow your hair or are dealing with male patterned baldness. Your hair, scalp, and follicles need hydration to stay supple and soft, and the right nutrients to complete the hair growth cycle. Reach for fresh filtered water, fresh fruits and veggies, protein, and healthy fats daily.

4. Massage your scalp

One of the best ways to encourage hair growth and balance natural oils is with a few minutes of scalp massage. This boosts blood flow, and eases skin/muscle tension, to help detoxify the scalp and leave your hair feeling soft. Spend a few extra moments massaging your scalp in the shower, as you’re waiting at a red light, before bed, or any other breaks during the day.

 5. Light condition

Depending on the length and texture of your hair, you may benefit from a light conditioner on a daily basis, following your shampoo. This is a great hair growth conditioner, which is also DHT-blocking, that you can incorporate. It will give softness and shine, while combatting male hair loss.


 1. Wash your pillowcase

For optimal hygiene and to encourage scalp health, make sure you wash or change your pillowcases at least once per week. Oils, dead skin, and dirt can accumulate on your pillowcase, which could clog the pores of your scalp, and make it harder to grow healthy hair. Plus, it’s great for your face and skin too, to have clean pillowcases!

2. Deep clean and condition

Every week or so, take a few extra minutes in your routine to do a deeper clean and conditioning treatment. This is especially important if you use styling products in your hair. Give your scalp a good

scrub with the right hair growth shampoo, or do a scalp detox treatment. Then, either before or after, use a conditioning hair mask or oil treatment to lock in hydration and shine. 


1. Get a haircut 

Most hair stylists recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks, but you shouldn’t wait more than 3 months at the longest. No matter your current hair style, even if you don't have long hair, regular trims or cuts are a great idea to let go of dead ends, freshen your look, and keep your hair healthy. When the ends of your hair are strong (not split, brittle, or frayed), it protects the rest of the shaft from damage. Plus, you can get expert advice for your hair type from your stylist! 

When you’re looking for the best haircare routine for men, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. With a few simple products, and a few regular habits, you can give yourself the best chance at the thick, shiny, voluminous hair you desire. Whether you are suffering from hair loss or not, these tips are a great place to begin, to support your best, healthiest head of hair!


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