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The Benefits of Taking Hair Supplements and Omega

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Amplixin hair vitamins are hair growth vitamins for hair loss prevention, thicker hair and hair growth. Amplixin hair serum contains biotin, collagen, keratin & MSM. Ready to grow your hair eight times faster? Let's learn more about Amplixin Supplements.

Do you struggle with thinning hair? Does it fall out every time you brush it?

A Serum And A Supplement

Amplixin Intensive Biotin Hair Serum grows new hair fast with biotin and keeps it secured on your scalp. It contains essential ingredients including B vitamins, Vitamin C, Collagen & Keratin. Nourishing hair follicles is no joke and the sooner you get started, the better. Amplixin Supplements contain biotin & castor oil because dermatologists recommend this as a natural solution. Castor oil is a hair treatment for hair strength, growth, and loss prevention. When choosing a hair growth supplement it’s important that it includes Vitamin C, Biotin & MSM hair loss prevention. Many men and women lose a substantial amount of due to coloring and dying. Bleaching your hair has become more of a trend than it ever was.

Thus, many people are spending thousands of dollars on chemically damaging their hair and not counteracting it with hair supplements. It’s critical that when coloring your hair you use the right dyes that don’t disrupt the bonding of your hair follicles.

Amplixin Supplements allow people to have any type of hair coloring while still having nourished and healthy hair. This treatment of hair regrowth vitamins is also great for those who are losing hair due to coloring. Bleaching the hair is very harmful, no matter how good it looks. Ensuring that your scalp and hair are getting the nutrients it needs to feel softener and stronger is important. 

Hair supplements can provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.  And while this is a great way to ensure you're giving your hair what it needs, there are also things you can do on your own to give your hair the nourishment it craves such as:

Eat For Your Hair

Eating moisturizing foods that contain good oils like avocados and olive oil. Sesame seeds contain mineral oil which is packed with vitamins E, D, and A to promote cell growth and development of new cells. This will also encourage new hair growth. Foods rich in Vitamin C such as orange juice and strawberries will help increase collagen production which helps strengthen follicles and stimulate thicker, healthier-looking locks.

Making sure you're getting enough Vitamin A in your diet can help improve circulation which will, in turn, increase hair growth. Foods like carrots and sweet potatoes are great sources of this nutrient so try incorporating them into your meals on a regular basis.

Give Your Hair TLC

Steaming your hair before shampooing can help give you a deeper clean that will rid hair of product build-up. Just place a towel over your head and stand over a steaming pot for 10 minutes. After the allotted time, shampoo as normal with a moisturizing formula to revive dry locks.

Try using a deep conditioner once or twice a week. These are masks that are applied to the hair after shampooing then allowed to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing out. This will not only help rid your strands of product build-up but also hydrates dry locks.

Taking hair vitamins to promote hair growth and ensure stronger hair strands is critical. Some people think smothering their hair in coconut oil is just going to miraculously grow longer hair or fix a receding hairline. Although that is a part of hair health it's not the best. way to stimulate hair growth.

Omega 3s For Shiny Hair

While taking hair supplements it's also important to focus on your whole body. I am a big fan of the omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish oil. In particular, I like to use a combination of EPA and DHA from fish oil to get the most benefit from these essential fatty acids.

However, if you don't eat fish or take supplements with at least 500 mg of EPA and DHA each day, you should be taking astaxanthin with them. Astaxanthin will make the omega-3s work even better to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, depression, and many other medical problems.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid. Carotenoids are natural pigments that give flowers and fruits their color and also give salmon, lobsters, and other seafood their distinctive red color.

Astaxanthin is chemically related to beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene. Newport Natural Health sources its Astaxanthin from Norway to ensure its freshness and non-fishy taste.  It’s a great pair with Amplixin Biotin Supplements!

It’s natural, gentle, and safe just like all Amplixin Products. Amplixin natural ingredients improve the health of your scalp and condition your hair while coloring or perming hair to maintain hair strength and hair color longer. Pair Newport Natural Health Omega D3 with Amplixin Biotin Supplements for the full effect!

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