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Hair Care 101: Dry Scalp Treatments

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Everyone experiences problems due to a very dry scalp at some point, and ignoring the problem can almost guarantee scalp itchiness and dandruff. Restore moisture and get healthy, voluminous hair by following these dry scalp treatment tips:

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

Possibly the most effective and easiest treatment for dry scalp is a scalp massage. You can give yourself a gentle massage by simply rubbing your fingertips in a gentle, circular motion over your scalp while conditioning or applying oil. Scalp massages help stimulate the production of your skin’s natural oils while increasing blood flow towards your hair follicles. In doing so, they receive more nutrients and stimulate hair growth.

When giving yourself any scalp massage, boost its impact by using lukewarm oils. It’ll feel more therapeutic, sure, but even more importantly it’ll boost your massage’s anti-inflammatory properties. The oil’s antifungal and antibacterial agents will work to resolve your scalp itches, leaving it feeling cleansed and soothed.


Buy a Boar Bristle Brush

Odds are, you don’t have a boar bristle brush… But you’re going to want one! (We like this one.) The natural boar bristles help carry your scalp’s natural oils from root to the end of the hair shaft. This oil distribution will result in shinier, better-conditioned hair, the natural way! These boar bristles also help aid in the removal of any oil or hair product build-up on your scalp, making it a dual-functioning beauty buy.

Next time you plan a hydrating hair mask, prep your scalp with a gentle pre-wash massage using your boar brush. Use circular, gentle motions to open pores on your scalp and remove dead skin cells, leaving it properly cleansed and ready to absorb treatment.


Conditioning Treatments

Scalps that appear dull or feel flaky and itchy often aren’t producing enough natural oil. By nourishing the scalp with a hydrating treatment, you can soothe and fix the main cause of dryness and itchiness. Once a week, spend an evening enjoying a scalp treatment that nourishes cells from both dirty and environmental pollutants. A good scalp treatment should be left in for at least 20 minutes to fully penetrate the scalp. Once the treatment is complete; rinse hair with cool water to help close the hair shaft and seal in maximum moisture. Blow dry on cool if possible, but don’t style wet hair!

For added antibacterial and antiseptic properties, incorporate a few drops of tea tree oil into your treatment. The oil itself is found in leaves from an Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and is often used to unclog hair follicles and nourish roots.

We're all likely suffering from a dry scalp, and are destined to suffer from irritated, flaky skin. The next time you’re left suffering from too little moisture, count on products that treat you naturally and the conditioning treatments mentioned above!


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