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Is Amplixin right for you?

We've helped thousands regrow their hair including these conditions. Find out if it's right for your hair.

Androgenic Alopecia

Receding Hairline

Thinning at the Temples

Widening Parts

Thinning Crown

Bald Spots

Volumizing Shampoo

Natural, leave-in hair product that helps restore 

moisture and shine to the scalp and roots. 

Biotin infused formula adds volume and body

 to achieve thicker, dense-looking hair.

Energizing Conditioner

This is the second step of the Amplixin® Hair Support 

System that penetrates deep to moisturize the scalp 

and the hair follicles. All natural Agran Oil helps to 

volumize fragile strands and improve feel and 

texture of the hair.

We employ both science and nature

We use nature and science to deliver a property formula that fixed the damage

 in your hair while developing new follicles right away. 

Advanced Biotin+ Supplement

Contains the highest quality non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients and 8,000mcg biotin per serving to create an excellent support system for healthy hair growth, healthy skin and nails. Use with other Amplixin® products for maximum effectiveness

How To Use?

Shampoo: Wash your hair with the shampoo.

Conditioner: Apply to clean and damp hair. For best results leave in for 2 minutes, then wash out. 

Stop The Problem In Its Tracks

Amplixin has been designed for men and women to achieve fuller, healthy-looking hair. According to most experts, DHT is one of the main reasons for hair loss and receding hairline. Amplixin Hair Support System helps to volumize appearance of thin, fragile-looking hair to achieve thicker-looking hair.

Backed by science

Amazing ingredients deriving from our beautiful earth provide nourishing effects to your hair follicles. Our products are free of any sulfates or parabens, and we have a 100% cruelty free policy. Superb values and spectacular products, Amplixin gives you the support you need.

Our Guarantee

Subscriptions and hidden monthly fees? Think again! After a one time payment you get to reap the full benefits of our products and regimens for a full 60 days! Not happy with the results? We promise you your money back. No questions asked

Natural Ingredients That Work

Our natural is the new potent

Our Ingredients

Our products are unlike an others. We offer natural, healthy core ingredients that have been studied for years. Everything is sulfate, paragon, and cruelty free. We offer volume, shine, texture, and thicker-looking hair in a few short weeks. 

  • Clinically researched

  • Sustainably sourced

  • Superior bioavailability

Our Products

Our Line of Leading Hair-Care Solutions

Intensive Growth Serum

Natural, leave-in hair product that helps restore moisture and shine to the scalp and roots. Biotin infused formula adds volume and body to achieve thicker, dense-looking hair. 

$ 22.95

Energizing Conditioner

Penetrates deep to moisturize the scalp and the hair follicles. All natural Agran Oil helps to volumize fragile strands and improve feel and texture of the hair. 

$ 22.95

Volumizing Shampoo

Hair Support System that contains a powerful combination of Caffeine, Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-3 and Red Clover, which may help achieve thicker and denser-looking hair with daily use.

$ 24.95

Moisturizing Hair Masque

Restore body, shine and vitality of roots and follicles. Argan oil and coconut oil nurture the scalp from within to cleanse from dirt 

$ 24.95

The earlier you take action, the more hair you'll keep. 

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