The Benefits of Deep Breathing for Healthy Hair

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We all know very well that some internal factors and external factors like Hormone imbalance, Medications, Vitamin deficiency, Stress, Pollution, Hair treatments and Vigorous styling may lead to hair loss. Aside from the factors as mentioned above, there is one more important factor that leads to hair loss which almost very few know about.

The Benefits of Deep Breathing for Healthy Hair

It is “poor breathing” – this can also lead to hair loss.

Breathing is the essence of our well being. But, we all miss out this essence due to the work-life imbalance or life challenges. In this fast moving life, tension, pollution and stress have become part of our life. When the breathing became shallow and belaboured, our body becomes fatigued and prone to anxiety which will lead to further health issues like restlessness, body aches, sleeplessness and hair loss. The benefits of proper breathing are numerous. It is scientifically proved that people who continuously practice breathing exercise every day for a few minutes have better health and healthy hair.

If you wonder how deep breathing can help you to get rid of hair loss, this article will give insights on science and significance of deep breathing and why it is considered as the best exercise to add to your hair care routine.

Benefits of deep breathing for hair growth

  1. Reduce stress and gives relaxation

Shallow breathing is connected to anxiety and stress. Indeed, anxiety disorder and poor breathing are inseparable. Shallow breathing happens when we are in an uncertain situation which results in panic, uneasiness, and hyperventilation as the body plans for threat. The way to lightening tension and stress is "deep breathing". It fills your body with oxygen, discharges pressure, and standardizes your heartbeat and creates a relaxed feel.

The deep breathing invigorates the parasympathetic nervous system and triggers a relaxation response. By practicing deep breathing your stress (mental) and tension (physical) will be reduced. Regardless of where you are or what you're doing, with only 10 minutes of deep breathing, your body will be filled with will oxygen and help you feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Helps in Detoxification

Our human body deals with a lot of toxic elements, starting from contaminated water, foods, and air everything around us are associated with toxic elements. One efficient way to remove those toxic elements and to purify our body is deep breathing. Very often poor breathing is related to an overload of the body and leads to illness. The inhale and exhale exercise helps the body to release carbon dioxide along with toxins and results in healthy body and hair.

  1. Increase Oxygen Intake

Another significant benefit in practicing deep breathing is the increase of oxygen intake. Additionally, they also convert the increased delivery of oxygen to the follicles plays a vital role in hair growth. 

In people with Androgenetic Alopecia, the primary trigger of baldness is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is produced during the interaction of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase and Male sex hormone named testosterone. Simultaneously there is one more bi-product produced during the interaction of testosterone and 5AR - estradiol. The production of estradiol requires more oxygen whereas Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is extensively produced in low-oxygen environments. By increasing levels of oxygen in the follicles, estradiol can be produced in more quantity and eventually this will reduce the DHT count in the follicles.

  1. Helps in Increasing the blood flow

As mentioned above, it is scientifically proved that stress and male balding patterns are interrelated. While the actual reason for this association is unknown, one fact is that stress reduces blood flow to certain areas. The reduced level of blood flow will make the follicles die and lead to baldness. Scalp massage and micro needling are well-known techniques for increasing hair growth, but deep breathing can also help in improving blood circulation to the follicles.

  1. Reduces Inflammatory Responses

Several factors and conditions cause hair loss and balding. Among them, one major cause is inflammation which is a natural response to injury, illness and bodily invasion with viruses or bacteria. If chronic inflammation is left untreated, your overall health will be affected and can have negative impacts on hair growth. Practicing deep breathing can aid in activating the sympathetic nervous system which will work in reducing the inflammation.

  1. Mind-Eye Breathing Technique

Breathing techniques have been seen as one of the best exercises that can aid in the enhancement of physical and psychological of people. Yogis practice "Mind-Eye" breathing technique for several centuries. “Mind-Eye” technique helps in stimulating your pituitary and thyroid glands and aids in preventing the hair loss.

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