The 4 Most Common Grooming Mistakes Made By Balding Men

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You spent the last few months noticing more and more hair in your sink, shower, or left behind on your pillowcase each morning. For a while, it was easy to ignore… But now, perhaps it’s become something you’ve accepted: You’re experiencing the early stages of male pattern baldness.

During this time, figuring out how to care for and style your hair can be challenging, and a lot of guys get it all wrong.

We’ve gathered the most common mistakes men make -- and how you can do it right.

Mistake No. 1
Using Too Much Product

If you’re using styling goo on a regular basis, odds are, it will weigh your hair down and make it look stringy, something you want to particularly avoid when your hair is thinning! Instead, use a product that will make your hair look fuller rather than separated. Opt for styling creams, clays, or pastes with as recognizable ingredient lists as possible. Avoid products that are marketing as gels or pomades, since they’ll encourage your strands to separate (which draws more attention to already thinning hair).

Mistake No. 2
Adding Length to Makeup for Volume

It sounded like a good idea when you started growing out your hair…. Those longer strands can cover up any balding areas as they develop, right? Unfortunately, this approach only causes more of a problem for your thinning roots. Because hair tends to thin on top of the head first, rather than all over, growing it longer tends to draw more attention to the problem.

Mistake No. 3
Shampooing Daily

Contrary to natural belief, the cleaner your hair is, the thinner it actually looks. Your Amplixin daily shampooing regimen helps to add volume and texture to your overall style, but for some men, shampooing on a daily basis can also dry out the hair, giving you static cling instead of structure in your styling. Regularly having to dry and style your hair can cause unnecessary trauma to weakened locks; so why not limit it?

Instead, shampoo every other day. Your hair may feel greasier than usual for the first week, but it will balance out quickly.

Mistake No. 4
Misusing the Blow Dryer

If you’re opting to hit the gym at lunchtime and use the wall machines to dry off, or like the volume a dryer gives to their style, proceed with caution! Those who hold a dryer too close to their roots will inevitably cause serious damage by sucking the moisture directly from your scalp. Breakage will be more significant, giving your style a wispy appearance.

Whenever you do reach for the blow dryer, hold it at least 8” away from your scalp and select the warm, not hot, setting. To protect your thinning hair, best to blow dry using a round brush. Grab hair at the roots with the brush, then slowly rotate it as you run the dryer over the top. This will help to add volume and create more fullness... Gently!



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