How a “Weird Combination” of Natural Ingredients Gave Me My Hair – And My Life Back!

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How a “Weird Combination” of Natural Ingredients Gave Me My Hair – And My Life Back!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. And losing it, like I started doing in my 30s, can really take your self-confidence down a notch or two.

Sure, you get some good-natured ribbing from your buddies about losing your hair, but what I’m talking about goes deeper than that.

It’s the little things that start to add up and nibble away at your self-esteem -- like:

• Finding more hair on your comb and on your drain than on your head

• Doing stuff to cover up that “bald spot” – I kept combing over my hair until there was nothing left to comb! I had so many ball caps I lost count.

• Looking older than your actual age because you don’t have that full, thick head of hair you once had.

And let me tell you – people notice that more than you might think.

Even the ladies know when a guy’s got self-confidence. They’re attracted to it like bees to honey.

Now, my son is in his 30s and he’s starting to get that tell-tale bald patch as well. But unlike his old man, he decided to go on the internet to see what kind of scientific research was being done to treat premature balding and early hair loss.

Fortunately, he found a product that blends all three of these major hair growth ingredients into one complete solution. It’s called Amplixin®

Now, I’m skeptical of a lot of things I read on the internet. And hearing that stuff like yard weeds and coffee might help me regrow my hair was probably the tallest tale I’d ever heard.

But then I noticed something.

My son’s premature bald spot was gone – replaced by the beginnings of thicker hair.  In other words, he had bought Amplixin®, tried it out for a couple of weeks and started seeing results.

Image of the scalp with before  after

Image of the scalp with before / after


That kind of proof was all it took for me to try it as well – and my results were just as amazing.  Not only has my hair grown back, it’s just as full and thick as it was when I was in my 30s! 

Here’s How to Start Getting Back Fuller, Thicker, More Youthful-Looking Hair

The system is really easy to use and it works equally well for men and women (my wife struggles with hair loss from menopause). I learned, it’s all about making your scalp as “habitable” as possible for your hair. Some people, through genetics or medications or both, have scalps that are very dry or very oily. Too dry, and the hair follicle grows, but it’s thin. Too oily, and the oil clogs the follicles and stymies the hair growth.

Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo makes these problems a thing of the past, while giving your hair a good kick in the pants to start growing the way it should.

Follow up with the Amplixin Revitalizing Conditioner. My wife especially loves this because it makes your hair soft and manageable, but I started using it too because frankly, it smells good. Not overly flowery or fruity like some of those conditioners you buy at the store.

The makers of Amplixin also give you an Intensive Growth Serum to put on your hair and scalp after your shower. This helps keep spur your hair’s growth even when you’re sleeping, so you know you’re always doing the best you can to keep your hair looking and feeling great. 

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The Final Word on Amplixin – From Someone Who Has “Been There, Done That”

No matter what your age, hair or scalp type, you’ll find that Amplixin is the only hair growth product of its kind that truly produces results – fast.  And because it’s free of harsh chemicals and made in the USA, you know it comes from a reputable source.

Here’s to longer, happier, fuller hair growth – for everyone!

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