Hair Transplant Alternatives: 7 Risk Free Non-Surgical Ways

Hair Transplant Alternatives

With so many modern and advanced upgrades in hair transplant technologies, some people skip right over the alternatives and go right to the surgery by taking the follicular unit extraction transplant or follicular unit transplantation unit.

While both these techniques can be equally effective considering time and results, but, like other surgeries, there’s a pretty big risk, costs and certain side effects that come along with it.

In this in-depth content, you will learn all about hair transplant alternatives in 2018 which are easy to apply, cost-effective and non-surgical.

Issues that affect the decision for early hair transplantation:


Issues that affect the decision for early hair transplantation

Similarly, surgical hair restoration might not be a perfect choice for people at younger ages. Because the suggested age is 30 the baldness sets in. At the early age (probably 20s) it’s very tough even for experts to guess what types of pattern baldness you are going to have in near future even after diagnosing the history properly.

Let’s say you receive a hair surgery to fill in a thinning crown at too young of your age. But the problem is; there is a chance that you might be ended up with an island of good transplanted hair in the middle of your head as patches continue to fall out around it.

This strange patchy baldness will look unnatural and even worst. But if a different alternative would give you the same results as a transplant at an affordable price, and if the promise to be an “instant” or “guaranteed” or “genuine” hair restoration solutions at any ages, wouldn’t you want to give it a shot first?

So we’re going to offer a few affordable, effective and complication-free nonsurgical solutions for you to try to tackle your hair loss without resorting to undergo hair transplant surgery.

Here are the 7 Risk-Free Alternatives for Hair Transplant Surgery

1. Finasteride / Propecia for Hair


Finasteride for Hair

Also known as Propecia, this is a type of medication FDA-approved that can be taken orally to help with hair loss or male pattern hair baldness. It works by blocks production of dihydrotestosterone and inhibiting the potent hormone that causes thinning of the hair.

The 5-milligram pill can be cut up into quarters and taken one time a day. It can also be used for any woman that is having trouble getting pregnant due to birth complications. However, you will have to go to your doctor to get this.

Because it can only be purchased through a prescription, you won’t be able to find it at the store.

Propecia or Finasteride Side Effects

Additionally, you will want to talk to your doctor about it anyway, as it can have some strong side effects, including impotence and lesser semen volume. But the good news is the chance of having this complication is very low.

2. Minoxidil Hair Growth


Minoxidil Hair Growth

Better known as Rogaine, this is a pretty popular hair restoration product that many users claim to stop hair loss in its tracks.

For women, you will find a topical solution of 2%, with a 5% topical cream for men.

Applied twice a day, the cream actually reacts to the scalp by reactivating the hair’s development and growth cycle. While this is going on, it’s also working to bring life to hair roots that may have been reduced thanks to hair loss genes. However, you don’t need any prescription to purchase this foam or liquid.

This over-the-counter topical treatment works by increasing the blood circulation around your weaken and shrunken follicles.

The flows encourage the hair to grow stronger and help to slow hair loss just like the natural. The outcome will be visible not more than 4 months.

This alternative solution may be quite expensive for some patients and if you quit it in the middle of the treatment, you might experience the same hair loss at the same speed that it did previously.

Minoxidil Side Effects

Though the side effects are extremely rare but can arise few as itching, redness, change in hair colour or in some rare cases unwanted hair growth, such as increased facial hair.

3. Natural Hair Growth Option Har Vokse


Natural hair growth option Har Vokse spray

Nice to know there is also the choice of having a natural alternative as well. Available for both men and woman, this product is quickly becoming popular in areas such as Germany, Poland, Sweden, UK, Finland, Norway and even Australia.

The United States and Canada are hopping aboard as well. Created by the Norway’s University of Oslo, Har Vokse is an anti-hair loss spray mixed with a growth supplement.

In order for this product to work best, you need to use the hair loss spray twice a day coupled with 2 pills of the hair growth supplement.

The Har Vokse says that it cleanses your scalp and nourishes your hair that helps to strengthen the hair roots so that remaining hair won’t fall out, and works to stimulate hair growth for man and women. These two killer products combined give you the best results.

The protective spray which applies protein and nutrients directly to hair to helping and protecting it from any further loss. The pills fight the problem from inside and it stimulates the body’s ability to produce new hair leading to a visible increase in thickness and appearance in your hair.

These approaches are found so effective in significant hair re-growth. The appealing part of this medication is that this formula is made of entirely from natural ingredients just like Amplixin do in our every product.

Har Vokse Side Effects

So since there is no harmful chemical, there might not be any risks of side effects whatsoever.

4. Spironolactone for Excessive Hair Growth


Spironolactone for Excessive Hair Growth

Spironolactone slows down the production of androgens to reduce hair loss and encourage hair to grow. This medication is geared toward non-childbearing women, as it can interfere with the childbirth progress.

This one is also an oral medication, which is anywhere from 50 milligrams to 100 milligrams, taken twice a day and you can take it with or without food. But if the patient has drowsiness, then a doctor might prescribe it to take it at night. While this medicine is considered potassium diuretic, it serves as an active anti-androgen.

This is a particularly popular solution among women. The Medicare might take some time to get a noticeable result. So it's highly appreciated that don’t expect the results might come out before six months.

Spironolactone Side Effects:

Besides, there might have some side effects as well as drowsiness, nausea, headache etc that can be minimized after proper medication.

5. ACell / PRP Hair Treatment


PRP Hair Treatment

One of the most recent developments in hair loss prevention and treatment, this product is coming popular due to the fact that enables hair follicular development and it’s available for both men and women. PRP is a substance that is prepared from your own blood.

Your blood platelets have small disc-shaped cells with hundreds of proteins called growth factors and regenerative molecules that motivate the healing factors.

After separating, doctors add those platelets with remaining blood to produce platelet-rich plasma for injection and finally infused right through the scallop.

The idea behind this product is that the stem cells can as a regenerator for the roots of the hair, meaning your hair development will increase immensely. Similarly, ACell is a biomatrix process in which a special protein derives from pig bladders that repairs and remodels damaged tissue, help restore dormant hair follicles and improving the quality of the hair that is grown.

6. Low-Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss


Low-Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Yet another product in the latest hair loss technology, this is a therapy-approach to dealing with baldness in both men and women. This therapy doesn’t cause any pain or burning and left no scaring spot on the scalp. The comb is used 3 times a week for anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes.

The idea is that the lower grade laser therapy works to bring hair towards growth. The laser’s heat activates heat shock proteins and increases tissue oxygenations that are utilized for follicular stem proliferation and division.

It promotes thicker, stronger, and healthier hair, stimulates the rejuvenation of hair follicles thus rehabilitates damaged hair follicles. But there’s a price that comes along with it: A hefty price tag. It might not be within reach for some people’s budget.

7. Laser Light Comb for Hair Loss; First Action


Laser Light Comb for Hair Loss

Laser Therapy At Home- FDA-cleared hand-held Comb for effective and easy laser treatment for thinning hair and hair loss that can be operated by any individual at home.

Technology like this was only available for clinical treatments but now you need wait for a physician’s appointment and moreover, it comes within the patients’ reach.

Available for both men and women: How to use laser comb for hair growth and here’s how it works:

Three times a week for half an hour, a lower-grade laser to bring the hair back to life. While it’s working on revitalizing the hair, it also increases the current condition of the hair.

Regular using will naturally increase ATP, keratin production and speed up blood circulation to promote key nutrition and energy to hair follicles.

Typical results can be seen after two months of usage and to get the desired results you might have to wait two years.

However, these come with a few side effects, as do most treatments that involve lasers. The rare consequences are itching and tingling of the scalp which is not very harmful either way. Also, it can be pretty expensive, which may not make it within your budget. However, users claim it is extremely effective and worth it.

Issues that affect the decision for early hair transplantation

Final Thoughts:

Actually, there are lots of choices. Each medication has a different level of outcomes. So deciding anyone from these can be right only if you have understood what type of problem is causing your hair fall.

Whatever choice you have already made, it’s highly recommended that before going any medications or topical hair transplant treatments do an in-depth research that might reduce your frustration if your chosen method fails to achieve the desired result.

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