Grow Longer Hair: Here’s What You Need To Know

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It’s a trend that’s here to stay, lengthy locks are desirable for many. The bad news is, growing out healthy, long locks takes time… And with the use of the wrong hair care products, some scalps never achieve it.

If your hair isn’t achieving the length you’d like to see or struggles to maintain a healthy shine, your scalp may be trying to tell you to change up your routine. To boost hair growth even further, you’ll need to understand that achieving lengthy locks is an “inside-out” process, requiring your body to supplement vitamins and nutrients your scalp needs in order to increase output. Aid the oils in your topical hair care products by supplementing your body with the proteins and vitamins it needs in order to boost the hair growth cycle.

Like hitting the gym, staying consistent is key, and you’ll see longer locks in no time. Read on.

Don’t Be Afraid To Trim

It sounds counterintuitive, but scissors are your hair’s best friend when trying to achieve healthy length. While it won’t actually help you grow your hair faster, trimming the damage from your ends stops split ends from making their way up the strand, splitting it into two and ensuring a lengthy break high on the strand. When this occurs, your hair will inevitably be shorter than if you would have simply opted for a small trim in the first place. Try to trim ⅛ of an inch off your hair every 10-12 weeks.

Always Use Conditioner

By now, you know not to shampoo your hair each time you shower. But any time your hair is wet, it’s important you nourish it with a conditioner that’s designed to restore nutrients to your hair. Revitalizing options with argan oil help to nourish your locks without weighing down the strand. Conditioning frequently ensures the lipids and proteins your hair naturally loses are replaced and sealed in.

Embrace The Cold

Cold water rinses are your scalp’s best friend. At the end of each shower, turn your faucet’s hot water as low as you can bear. In doing so, you’ll actually encourage the outer layer of your hair to “lay down”, which makes it look smoother. More importantly, it actually helps to seal in moisture and reduces the likelihood that this layer will snag or be unnecessarily susceptible to heat damage. You only need to keep your head under the water for a few seconds, and it will make a significant difference.

Apply Treatment Regularly

Longer hair implies that the strands are older, which means your locks require more care than short, young locks. Apply a hydrating mask at least once a week and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you shampoo. (Ours leverages a combination of Argan and coconut oil to ensure it’s packed with nutrients.) Once you’re finished, shampoo and condition like normal. The oils within the treatment mask will help your strands replenish the fatty acid they need, and when rinsed with cold water, helps to seal them inside the strand.

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