Natural Anti-Dandruff Remedies

Anti-Dandruff Remedies

The dreaded dandruff. There anything quite as embarrassing as having dandruff. No matter how hard you try to hide it, it still manages to show up, whether it’s on your scalp or on the shoulders of your shirt.

But unless you treat it, you can’t exactly cover it up. No need to rush to the local drug store to buy an expensive dandruff shampoo. Rather, there are quite a few natural remedies you can turn to in order to tackle this problem once and for all.

- Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a lot of medicated dandruff shampoos? Most of them have one big ingredient in common – and that would be salicylic acid. Lucky for us, Aspirin has this same active ingredient. All you have to take it take two aspirins and crush them into a powder. Then simply add it to your everyday shampoo. Use the same amount of shampoo and add the powder every time you go to wash your hair. Just leave the mixture sitting on your hair for about two minutes. From here, you can just rinse it out. Important: Wash it again with plain shampoo.

- Another natural remedy is tea tree oil, which holds many functions and benefits. In fact, there have even been studies conducted on its success. Just a few drops added to your regular shampoo can give you some amazing results.

- You may have heard baking soda can help get rid of dandruff – you’ve heard right. Baking soda can help you get an itch and flake-free head once and for all. After wetting your hair, take a handful of baking soda and scrub it into your scalp. No shampoo needed here – just skip to rinsing. The baking soda cuts back on any overactive fungi or agents in your head (which cause dandruff). While you may find your hair gets dried out from this, your scalp will eventually pick up the pace and start creating more natural oils.

- Apple cider vinegar is yet another household product that holds a wide range of powers. Dr. Oz is a big fan of this, especially when it comes to using it for dandruff treatment. The apple cider vinegar’s activity causes a more even balance in your scalp’s pH levels, which is going to make it a lot more difficult for yeast to grow. All you need to is grab a spray bottle and spray some of the miracle juice onto your hair. For an extreme intense treatment, put your hair in a towel and let the vinegar sit for an hour. After an hour has passed, just wash your hair as you normally would. If you can, do this twice a week and you will see a huge decline in your dandruff.

- Have some mouthwash in your bathroom? It can be used for dandruff treatment in a pinch, as long as it has an alcohol base. The anti-fungal properties in mouthwash also make it difficult for yeast (aka dandruff) to grow.

- If you ask others how to get rid of dandruff, a lot of people will probably suggest coconut oil – and there’s a reason for it. It has been proven to be effective for countless people. Plus, your hair is going to smell like a tropical vacation. Before you hop into the shower, take 3 to 5 spoonfuls of the oil and massage it gently into your scalp. Take a break and let the oil soak into your hair. Then just rinse and shampoo your hair as you normally would.

With so many anti-dandruff treatments available right in your kitchen, there’s no need to spend a fortune trying to find a medicated shampoo at the drug store. Instead, stick with one of the natural remedies we listed above for the best, safest results.

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