3 Common Questions About Your Thinning Hair

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Before you read further, it’s important to keep in mind that hair loss is mostly out of your control. Whether or not your body is apt to baldness comes down to your genes, more than anything else! Over ¼ of men start going bald by the time they reach the age of 30, with hair loss starting at some point in their 20’s. On the bright side, it typically takes 15-25 years to go bald, so you’ve got time to slow the effect of thinning by reading on the questions you should be asking.

Question: How can I tell if I'm going to go bald?

It’s likely this is the first question you’ll ask during your hair loss journey. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition which results in hair loss. Once you start to notice this change, pay attention, because it could be diagnosed as an alternative condition. For example, if you are losing patches of hair in an apparently random manner you may have alopecia, a condition where you may lose patches of hair from parts of your body.

If your hair loss occurs in a receding pattern, like on your temple areas or on your crown, then it’s more likely you have male pattern baldness. This hereditary condition occurs once your body becomes increasingly sensitive to male sex hormones called androgens. You can also lose your hair because of illness or surgical procedures, stress, changes in hormone levels and scalp infections. But in many of these cases, the resulting hair loss is not permanent.

Question: Do Shampoos & Supplements Work?

For many beginning the process of hair thinning, strategically formulated hair products help you maintain the hair follicles that are still actively producing hairs. Amplixin® Stimulating Shampoo contains a powerful combination of caffeine, acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 and red clover, which have been proven in independent lab studies to provide thicker and denser-looking hair by suppressing the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most common cause of hair loss, and stimulate extracellular matrix proteins to help encourage healthy hair growth.

Follow the shampoo with their natural hair growth serum, a leave-in hair product that restores moisture and shine. It also stimulates roots while adding volume and body to damaged follicles.

Supplements like this Advanced Biotin Hair, Skin & Nails formula contains the high-quality non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients and biotin. Incorporating them into your hair loss regimen gives you a stronger support system for healthy hair growth, healthy skin, and nails.

Question: If I do lose my hair, what are my options?

For the most severe cases, a scarless hair transplant can be the perfect choice. Also known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), this procedure uses grafts which are harvested one at a time with tiny punches. These small wounds heal virtually undetected, so you can still buzz your head if the style suits you. Hair can be extracted from your chest, stomach, back, and sometimes the pubic area. Healing requires only 3-5 days.

Alternatively, embrace it! If you aren’t ready to commit to a procedure, choose a hair loss friendly hairstyle. Some cuts can emphasize your thin or bald matches and make your hair loss obvious, while others make it less visually obvious that you’re losing hair. Whatever you do, never resort to a comb-over. Instead, think, a buzz cut or razor shave!

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